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Jin/Rap Monster, 416 words
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time passes - nothing changes 

and I love youuuu ♥


and I love youuuu


actually, bless your uncontrolable hands.

your hands are the most important parts of your body. 

skinship monster.

I think Jin’s lap is the best place(home) for your hands, huh (it’s not the first time, huh).

I’m done, tnx…


NamJin, Harry Potter AU… I just wanted to write something about NamJin, something short  well…xD It’s longer than I expected.

Jin let out a deep sigh and burry his face in his hands. For hours he’s already sitting in library for his Ancient Runes homework. He hated that he was the only one out of his friends who have picked this subject back in the third year. The others had chosen Muggle Studies or Divination instead. But Jin thought that Ancient Runes sounds interesting but year after year the tasks were getting harder and the Huffelpuff student doesn’t know how to pass the final exam.

It wasn’t that Jin was a bad student. In subjects like Transfiguration or Defence against the Dark Arts he always getting the best marks. He was one of the top students in these subjects. But Ancient Runes caused him grey hair.

“I will never finish them”, he mumbled to himself and burry his pretty face in the open book in front of him. He closed his eyes and yawned quietly. He also was really tired because of all the school work he has to do. Not only the normal things –studying for the tests and doing his homework. He also was the prefect in Huffelpuff along with Nicole Hwang. So he just wanted to sleep a bit… a little bit.


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30 Day Challenge: Day 6


PROMPTS: No Way, Dog Days

Bangtan | Namjin | PG | 625w

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yeah, Jin, that is your dork

yeah, Jin, that is your dork